We lead rooftop and ground mount solar PV projects from due diligence through to construction.

While Solar and it’s processes are new to Ontario, the fundamental practices of managing real estate-based projects and permitting processes remain. We have extensive experience and a proven track record based on these fundamentals.

Since 2009 (prior to the launch of Ontario’s Green Energy Act), Greenlight has worked primarily with Enfinity Canada, providing development management services for a growing portfolio of solar projects. We have screened hundreds of projects, and gained an intimate knowledge of the FIT program and the issues surrounding solar development.

We’ve developed a series of offerings intended to provide our clients with a ‘menu’ of deliverables which we can manage on a solar project (left sidebar). We can also help with any other specific needs a Client may have.


Our Customized Service Approach gives our Clients a viable option to reduce fixed costs and organizational overhead by obtaining an experienced project management and development management team, on demand. In this manner, project management functions become a variable cost and can fluctuate with the project pipeline. Our team can execute individual projects, and/or efficiently manage a development program involving a portfolio of projects. On a program level, we also offer organizational support managing teams across the functional areas of acquisitions, financing, leasing, and marketing.

Lastly, we’re deeply familiar with what it takes to hire and train an internal development management team. We’d be happy to help this transition if required as your organization matures in the Ontario market.

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